Hi, I am Dr. Maxwell Synsvoll. The clinic director here at Synsvoll Chiropractic. When I was in my teens I suffered several spinal and joint injuries that did not respond to medical care. A family member suggested that I try a chiropractor for my injuries. This was life-changing. Not only did my spine and joint injuries heal.

My overall health improved. Now thirty years later I love showing others the life changing benefits of the proper spine and joint care. We have a highly trained team of professionals here that are all excited to see how they can help more people live their lives free of pain. Without the use of drugs and surgery. If you are hurting. Give us a call. We love seeing the smiling faces of our clients when their pain goes away. I look forward to meeting you.



Hi, my name is Deborah Connors. I am the office Billing Manager and chaos coordinator. I have been working at Synsvoll Chiropractic for 5 years. I really enjoy working with our patients, Our team and Dr. Max! It is a blessing to me to witness how natural healing transforms our patients health and enables them to have a better quality of life. Stop in my office anytime to say hello!



Hi! My name is Marisol Pulido. My role here at Synsvoll Chiropractic is to document our patient’s health, treatment, and progress from beginning to end. I listened to all those small details and I watch our Doctors provide treatment and make sure everything is documented properly and accurately. I have another role here just as important and that is to take x-rays so our doctors are able to see the full picture. I really enjoy assisting our doctors and being part of our patient’s progress. Every day I get to learn something new and for that, I’m very grateful.


My Name is Adriana, I am the newest member for the team. I am the Front office manager. I enjoy working here because I love being around people and helping them in anyway that I can. I keep all the office communication and make sure the office runs smoothly.



Hi there, My name is Sonya. My job here at Synsvoll Chiropractic is a medical records Technician and radiologist, I love being a part of the healing team. I try to make everyone feel welcome and and assist people to feel better before they meet the Doctor, I love seeing people heal from conditions the previously thought were permanent. I look forward to meeting you,



Hi, my name is Margaret. My job at Synsvoll Chiropractic is a medical records technician, It is really amazing to see people transform into healthy human beings as they heal through chiropractic care, I really enjoy seeing the healing process of our patients as they come in.