“I was again experiencing pain. Now that I had a chiropractic adjustment the pain is gone!”

– Sharon

“Everything about Synsvoll Chiropractic, from the front desk check in to the caring staff are top notch. Dr. Synsvoll’s care of my spine allows me to continue my 30 year profession as a hair stylist with no back pain. Before his care I thought I was going to have to quit me job. Thanks Dr. Max!! You are much appreciated.”

– Darci

“I have been going for treatment almost a year. I started noticing a difference at about the 11th adjustment. To where I slept through the night with out pain in my neck n shoulder. It removed alot of tenison in my neck with the neck n head adjustments with Dr. Karen. If I’ve gone this much means there helping me and I feel better. I have recommended them to all my friends. All the help is sweet. Always wearing smiles.”

– Ellies

“Professional and relaxing atmosphere. Friendly staff.”

– Mark

“I feel so much better since going to Dr. Max. His staff members are friendly and helpful. Dr. Max gives good adjustments and also great advice. I also appreciate what he does for seniors, one day a month, seniors get an adjustment for just $10 (no insurance billing for this). And also I appreciate the client appreciation days.”

– Pamela

“Professional and honest about what they can and cannot do.”

– Steven

“I was is a lot of pain and Dr. Max checked me out and helped me to feel better.”

– Anonymous

“I came hurting and left feeling a lot better

– Daniel

“Very personable and caring staff.”

– Cherilyn

“The whole staff is always so welcoming! I received helpful information and am encouraged that the treatments will continue to improve my health.”

– Marjorie

“I have been suffering from neuropathy of my feet for 15 years, IBS for 7 years, as well as RLS for 40+ years. The Neuropathy and RLS started spontaneously while the IBS was caused by unrelenting stress.

I cannot wear enclosed shoes and my feet are sensitive, yet I have areas that have loss of sensation. The RLS kept me from getting any REM sleep. IBS kept me from sleeping as well, I was in pain most of the time and I noticed increased symptoms when my back was in pain. So, between both of these I was sleep deprived and this affected my memory.

I have seen several specialty doctors who diagnosed the problems but they were unable to fix them. I was told to reduce my stress, was prescribed Mirapex, and had injections put into my feet. I was also told several times that there was nothing to be done to improve my peripheral neuropathy and that I must “outgrow” my IBS. I trust my primary doctor, however I believe in an alternative form of health care that he does not seem to have the time for.

Then, in February of 2009 I saw an ad in the Reflector for Dr. Max’s office. He explained that he had a different type of treatment for me to try. I’m sleeping better, my IBS symptoms have dramatically decreased, and my overall body feels better. I have hoped now that even if all can’t be reversed that it can improve and, hopefully, not advance over time.

I truly believe that part of healing comes through developing and increased sense of well-being and healing energy being passed from a healer to one seeking health and balance. Dr. Max is a healer in addition to being a practitioner. Thank you!”

– Colleen

“I was overweight felt sluggish and had brain fog. I was put on Synthroid, Prevastin and metformin.

I knew this was not the path for me. I had tried eating healthy, wheat’s, grains, yogurts but I was not getting better fruits veggies. I suffered from these symptoms over several years but was on medication for approximately 6-7 months. Every blood test proved to be worse than the original so the dose on the Synthroid just kept going up along with my numbers. These problems interfered with my normal life’s activities and relationships, with the weight gain came no inspiration to do anything not to go to the gym, no kayaking cause I didn’t think I could get in and out of it, needed sleep more than exercise.

I quit taking my medications the night I went to the seminar. I have lost 20 pounds. I have aspirin in my step. My head is very clear, no brain fog, my vocabulary has increased. My cholesterol number has gone down 65 pounds. My TSH went from 9.0 to 5.95.

I was told after sometime I could try some of the things I use to love. I know I would not go back to bread but thought I would enjoy gluten free bread but decided I won’t be eating ANY bread from now on, I enjoyed what was on the bread not the bread itself and if felt like it was just lying there. Never thought I would like sweet potatoes but now will never eat a white potato again, thought yams might be good but not with the sugar and butter.

I gave up my coffee which was my get up and go in the morning. Never thought I would like green tea. Now I have several cups throughout the day. I didn’t know about juicing but I know there would be many health benefits for me if I would just do it!

So I started by purchasing a Nutri Bullet, and started with Dr. Max’s suggestion of celery, apple, and lemon water. I have expanded to spinach, celery, apple, ginger and chia seeds (for Omega 3) and water. I have had these for about 1 ½ months to 2 months. And I have 2 or 3 a day because Dr. Max says have something every 2-3 hours. For me this works with my job. And I couldn’t decide on salad without the dressing. It is prefect for me. I have no heartburn since I started this process the beginning of August. I have had minor cuts and scrapes healing faster. Thank you Dr. Max!”

– Melinda